Grant Opportunities

Each year, NCC commits nearly $50,000 in donations, sponsorships and scholarships in and around the communities we serve. Grants to local organizations are a large priority of these commitments. We are excited to again offer the following grant opportunities:

Rural Development Finance Corporation (RDFC) grant

NCC and the other Rural ILECs in ND are given $2,000 to distribute to community-owned entities, non-profits, and other community-based projects.  Funds available up to $2,000.  This grant requires a $4 of your funds to every $1 of RDFC funds.  Due back to NCC by August 15, 2019.

Rural Development Finance Corporation (RDFC) grant application  (PDF)

CoBank grant

NCC is again partnering this year with CoBank to provide a grant of up to $15,000. Entities who can apply must be a 501 (c)(3) charity, school or government organization such as counties or municipalities and their agencies or departments.  Due back to NCC by September 16, 2019.

CoBank grant application  (PDF)

If you belong to an organization that might benefit from one or both of these, please find more information and applications on our website at www.nccray.com, email ncc@nccray.com to request an application or stop by our office at 111 Railroad Avenue in Ray.