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Tech Tip: Smart Home Money Savers

By October 3, 2022No Comments

Are you the kind of person who turns off every light the second you leave a room, or keeps the house at a brisk 65 degrees no matter the season? If so, then this is the Tech Tip for you.

Today, we’re sharing a few tricks to save on your utility bills with smart home technology. If you are more of a visual learner, watch our latest Tech Tip video to follow along with tech expert Andrew.

Smart plugs are the simplest way to introduce smart home technology and save some money in the process. They allow you to control whatever device you have plugged into them using a mobile app. Smart plugs save money by enabling you to turn your lights and small appliances off from anywhere. They also keep appliances that are constantly plugged in, like TVs or computers, from draining energy and running up your bill. 

If you have a bad habit of leaving the lights on as you run out the door, we also suggest using smart light bulbs. Using a mobile app, you can turn your lights off from anywhere and save yourself a few bucks on your electric bill.

A smart thermostat learns your home heating and cooling patterns and remembers them to automatically regulate your home’s temperature. Some smart thermostats, like Google Nest, can even adjust your home’s temp based on the local weather forecast–so the AC won’t automatically kick on during an unseasonably cool day. 

Smart water valves are installed on your water main and can alert you to small leaks, like a dripping faucet, as well as potential disasters, like a burst pipe. In addition to keeping your water bill down, these devices can save you thousands of dollars on water damage repairs.

Investing in a few smart home devices can prevent you from using unnecessary heat, water, and electricity. Your pocketbook–and your planet–will thank you. That’s it for this edition of Tech Tips! Check back soon for another tip to make your technology work for you.

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