Hey, neighbor!

Why We Care

Community is waving hello to someone you don’t know walking on the street. Community is helping a neighbor push their car out of the snow. Community is going to sporting events, school plays, picnics in the park. It’s picking up trash on the sidewalk. It’s advocating for and sponsoring hardworking, local initiatives.

Community, to us, means making your home a better place.

Born and raised amidst the small-town love of northwest North Dakota, we at NCC understand the joy of being part of a great community. That’s why we choose to pour back into the people who pour into us.

You can often find us at school barbecues, parades, runs, fishing derbies, graduation parties, even prom. We provide prizes, we serve ice cream, we give students scholarships, we’ve even served up food to over 200 people. We like to help where we’re needed, and the result is that we’ve become an integral part of our community. And that’s just the way we like it.

When you partner with NCC, you’re partnering not only with our team, but with our community. Your investment in us ripples into our schools, our students, our neighbors, our fundraisers and our local non-profits. Because our success is your success, and in turn, our community’s success. That’s what community is all about.

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