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Sometimes Bigger Really Is Better – Especially When It Comes To Internet Speeds.

With prices starting at $151 and speeds as fast as 1,000 mbps – our Gig deal is a BIG DEAL!

Maintain your ‘Big Deal’ status. If your device count and need for trouble-free internet keeps getting bigger – get Gig! Gig internet will keep your heavily connected household running fast and secure, so you can be a big deal – at school, at work, or online.

  • Have multiple devices streaming, gaming, chatting, conferencing – all at the same time without issue
  • Upload or download video in seconds – you’ll be viral in no-time!
  • Be at the top of your online game without lag or buffering
  • Join video conferences with high-definition video and a stable connection
Get our Gig Deal today!

Not sure if you need a Gig? Use our broadband calculator to see what speed you need!