Being a Member Pays!

We are excited to announce that as a cooperative member-owner, you could be receiving a dividend check as a part of our capital credits program!

How It Works

As a member-owned cooperative, capital credits represent each member’s ownership of NCC. Capital credits are allocated to the members each year based on annual margins and the member purchases made at NCC. These annual margins are used as working capital to operate the business. Based on the financial condition of the cooperative and at the discretion of the Board of Directors, these capital credits can also be retired to the members as cash.

NCC has invested in bringing state-of-the-art fiber optic technology to our members – an endeavor funded by loans that are required to be paid back and working capital provided by our members. Fiber internet access ensures that our members have the internet speeds needed now and in the future. Due to the significant investment required to bring fiber to the premise, the last time that we disbursed credit dividends was in 2009. 

Who Is Eligible?

The $1.5 million retirement will be distributed to members doing business with the cooperative in the years of 1992 and 1993 and portions of 1994 and 2020.  Both longstanding and new members will receive a check to be sent out in July of 2021.

How Do I Get My Dividend Check?

Checks will be mailed out in July 2021. Make sure the address on file with us is current and report any changes to NCC at (701) 568-3331.