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NCC Capital Credits

We are pleased that NCC is financially able to refund capital credits to our members, and hope that you appreciate this benefit of being a cooperative member.

List of Unclaimed Capital Credit Checks

Why Don't I Recieve All The Capital Credits That Have Been Set Aside For Me?

Members’ unretired capital credits are used by the cooperative to maintain a solid financial base, to build equity, to provide quality service, and to help the local communities with economic development efforts and donations. This refund reflects a partial retirement of total capital credits, based on NCC’s good financial standing. 

What If I Move Before You Have Retired All My Capital Credits To Me?

Please advise us of any change of address so that you will continue to receive your refund each year.

How Are Capital Credits Retired When The Payee Is Deceased?

The capital credits that have accrued over time will be assigned to the surviving spouse or retired to the estate if there is no surviving spouse. 

How Much Is Returned To Me Now?

In 2023, NCC retired $1.5 Million in capital credits and was distributed to members doing business with the cooperative in the years of 1996, 1997 and/or 2022. Your individual refund is dependent upon your patronage during these years.

What Does Capital Credit Allocation Mean?

A capital credit allocation statement is sent to you after the board of directors approves the previous year’s financials and summarizes the activity in your capital credit account with NCC. It is based on how much business you do with the cooperative. The more business you do each year makes your share of the profits greater. The balance on your statement is yours and over time this money will be paid to you. 

How It Works?

As a member-owned cooperative, capital credits represent each member’s ownership of NCC. Capital credits are allocated to the members each year based on annual margins and the member purchases made at NCC. These annual margins are used as working capital to operate the business. Based on the financial condition of the cooperative and at the discretion of the Board of Directors, these capital credits can also be retired to the members as cash.

What Are Capital Credits?

Capital credits for cooperative members result from a surplus of funds remaining from doing business. As a local telephone, internet or video subscriber, you are automatically a member/owner of NCC. Each time you pay your bill for NCC service, you are making an investment in a company you and your neighbors actually own!