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NCC iVoice

The new home voice service at a better price.

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NCC iVoice Is The Modern Home Phone Service

All technology evolves, so should phone service. That is why NCC now offers NCC iVoice. A voice option at a new, lower cost! Complete the form below and start saving money every month!*

  • Save money! A new, lower cost for current voice customers.
  • Easy-to-Use: Make calls how you always have. 
  • Switching is easy: Just fill out our form and we will do the rest. No equipment, no truck rolls.
  • Full Features: Same calling features you know and love!
  • Crystal Clear Voice Calls: All you need is an internet connection through NCC.
  • Works with your existing phones!

Why should I switch?

Same great service, but at a lower cost. It’s easy to switch and you have an opportunity to save money every month.

How does NCC iVoice work?

NCC iVoice works just like your traditional landline phone today with crystal clear voice calls, calling features you know and love, and voicemail so you’ll never miss a call. 

Does NCC iVoice use internet?

NCC iVoice used a technology called Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP to deliver the call back to your ONT where it is delivered to your premise just as it is with a standard landline telephone service.

If my phone is out, can I still call 911?

The 911 service may not function in the event of power failure unless you have a battery backup. Battery backup allows for calling only (no Internet use) during a power outage, but is limited to the extent that the battery lasts.

Is there a difference between making local and long distance calls?

NCC iVoice includes unlimited local calling, just like your traditional landline phone does today. Long distance calling is available from NCC. Please call for details or visit

Potential Limiations

As a subscriber of NCC iVoice, your voice service is provided using a technology called Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. As a provider of NCC iVoice, we are required by the Federal Communications Commission or the FCC, to inform customers using NCC iVoice, of any limitations compared to traditional E911 service capability available from traditional wireline service when making calls to E911 emergency services. As a customer, you are required to agree that you have read and understood the limitations associated with the 911 and E911 services available from NCC. NCC is required to obtain and keep a record of your affirmative acknowledgement. If you do not agree, you are not authorized to NCC iVoice service. Your request for iVoice either through the form filled out above or calling the NCC office acknowledges your affirmation.

In addition, you are responsible for informing others who may use your service of its limitations when making E911 emergency service calls.

Please note the following potential limitations associated with NCC iVoice Service:

1. ONT connection failure
NCC iVoice operates from a connection to the ONT provided by NCC. If service is interrupted at the ONT, NCC iVoice service will not work and E911 Service will not operate. This is including but not limited to termination or suspension of service for any reason.

2. Loss of electrical power/power outage
E911 service may not work if you experience a power outage unless you would have a battery backup and then is limited to the extent that the battery lasts.