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Frequently Asked Questions

I just got my first bill, why is my bill more than what I was quoted?

A customer’s first statement can be higher than what was quoted due to a couple of reasons.

1. NCC bills one month in advance and then services are prorated from when they are connected.

2. The first statement will also include any connect charges that were applied. NCC recommends that some sort of prepayment is made up front or before the first bill is due.

Do you service RVs or have a some sort of wifi that is portable?

NCC does not have any hotspots available and we do not service RVs.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes! You can pay your bill online. NCC offers two ways customers can pay their statements online. Customers can make one-time payments via our website, on the right side of our top navigation click on the Bill Pay button, or by clicking here.

Or customers can sign into their SmartHub account by clicking on the Bill Pay link on the top navigation of the website, or by clicking here. Once you have logged in you can view the current or previous statements and make a payment.

How do I sign up to do this?

Customers can sign up by clicking on the Bill Pay link towards the top navigation of NCC’s website. Once there, you will want to click on New User and sign up with the information is required. Customers can also call the office at 800-245-5884 and a representative will be able to assist you.

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Can I do automatic withdrawal?

Yes! Customers can sign up for automatic withdrawal and can use checking/savings accounts or debit/credit cards. Customers can sign up through SmartHub or call into the office and a representative will be able to help.

Can I choose the date that I want it pulled?

Unfortunately not. NCC runs EFTs on the 12th of each month unless the 12th happens to fall on a weekend or a holiday. Then it is the next working day. However, customers who use SmartHub can schedule a payment on a certain date through the SmartHub website or app.

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Do you have vacation rate or seasonal disconnect options?

Yes! Customers who leave for the winter can put their services on Suspend with Number Retention. There is a $2/ month fee as this keeps your name and number in the phone book. If you are not concerned about having your information in the phone book you can suspend your services at no monthly cost. There is a $25 restore fee per service.

When do the new phonebooks/calendars come out?

Our phone books come out in July and the beautiful calendars are usually here sometime after Thanksgiving!

Do I need to know anything specific for construction projects or if I am moving soon?

If you know that you are moving and/or will be doing new construction where you will need telecommunication services, call us to let us know early, so that we can best try to accommodate you.

Notice to Contractors Doing Any Underground Installation:
Due to the increasing cost locates and fiber/cable cuts to our underground facilities are creating for our cooperative customers, and the delay we are experiencing in completing customer installations, NCC charges the following:

  • A 50% surcharge of time, materials, and equipment costs to repair cable/fiber cuts to NCC underground facilities.
  • Any re-spot of NCC underground facilities will be charged minimum of one hour flat rate of our current labor rate or actual time incurred.
  • Design locates for our underground facilties will be billed actual time to locate, at our current hourly labor rate.

Thank you for your understanding.  Please contact Dean Rustad at NCC at 568-3331 if you have any questions.

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