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Your business deserves to have the highest quality communication services so that you can best serve your customers. When you partner with NCC you can rely on the highest internet speeds, reasonable pricing, and a friendly person on call to ensure you are satisfied.

Because your business is unique, we work directly with you to create a personalized plan to best match your needs. We invite you to browse our services, including a few of our business customers’ Favorite Features, and give us a call to put together the best plan for your business.

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Business Telephone

  • Our Business Telephone services include installation and line set up to ensure you can easily communicate with your customers.Favorite Features:

    Starting At:  $24.50/month

    Install fee: $25.00 per line *includes one telephone jack being installed

911 Service During a Power Outage

Long Distance


$4.95/mo. per line
10¢/minute State-to-State
10¢/minute In-State


No monthly call plan charge
8¢/minute State-to-State
14¢/minute In-State

Business Internet

Reliable, high-speed internet is not a special feature, it’s an expectation. Set your business up for success with our various high-speed internet options:

Bronze $97.00/mo. (50M/50M)
Internet + Telephone $114.17/mo.

Silver $112.00/mo. (150M/150M)
Internet + Telephone $129.17/mo.

Gold $137.00/mo. (300M/300M)
Internet + Telephone $154.17/mo.

1 Gig $326.00/mo. (1,000 M)
Internet + Telephone $343.17/mo.


Activation Fee: $100.00 with 6-month contract


Pricing listed includes basic rate for residential (or business on that page) telephone service. Applicable taxes, Federal Universal Service Fund Charge, EAS and E911 are also included but can vary based on your physical location. Additional terms and conditions may apply.’

Internet Service Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy

Business NCC Video

Economy – $47.49/month

Basic – $96.55/month

Expanded – $122.49/month

Business Authorization

In order for us to maintain the best security for your account, it is important that you let us know who is authorized to change your account. Please fill out the following form.

Business Authorization Form

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