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Tech Tip: How to Organize Your Life with Technology

By February 22nd, 2022No Comments

With every new year comes new promises to be more organized and more productive. But sticking to those promises? That’s a different story. In this Tech Tip, we are sharing a few tips to stay on track and organized with technology.

If you are more of a visual learner, watch our latest Tech Tip video to follow along with tech expert Katie.

Tip #1: Download a Productivity App

Want to turn your to-do lists into to-done lists? There’s an app for that. Productivity apps  like Wunderlist and Todoist allow you to easily organize and prioritize your tasks, so you’ll always know exactly what to work on next. There are several options out there, each with its own approach to improving productivity, so download a few and see what works best for you.

Tip #2: Sync Your Calendars

Next, never miss a meeting again by syncing all of your devices to the same online calendar.  If you’re an Apple user, the Calendar app will automatically sync all devices connected to your Apple account. And if you have a Google account, you can download the Google Calendar app onto your devices. These calendars can be used for jotting down appointments, gatherings, and meetings, all with their times and locations. They also allow you to set reminders for a few minutes, hours, or even days before the event.

Tip #3: Make the Most of Every Minute with the Pomodoro Method

This time management method encourages you to work intensively for 25 minute sessions, called pomodoros, followed by a short break. It’s been proven to promote sustained concentration and prevent mental fatigue. To do it, download an online pomodoro timer like Pomofocus and Pomodor. During your breaks, step away from your screen, stretch, grab another cup of coffee, whatever you need to do to get your juices flowing. Just remember to use the timer to keep yourself honest.

With these productivity tricks up your sleeve, you can start the new year strong and live your best tech life. That’s it for this edition of Tech Tips! Check back soon for another tip to make your technology work for you.

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